An Nasareyah (NS)

Located between the states of Beni Suef and Minya, An Nasareyah is a village of about 40,000 people with a predominant Muslim population. Occupations of most of the people here are farming and carpentry with about 16% of them living below the poverty level of Egypt. Hepatitis C and anemia are prevalent among the villagers, including the children.  

Recent Updates

NS035 Vivian Eid Sadek

Vivian likes to sing and enjoys Math in school. Her favorite color is yellow. Her father is a farmer and earns about $40/month.

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NS094 Mariam Aiad Tawfik

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NS098 Ibrahim Emad Ibrahim

(Nov 2015)--Ibrahim likes Science; esp magnetics. He likes to play & occasionally goes to church. His dad passed away 2 yrs ago. He takes English classes & counted to 10. Prayers: for succe...

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SHA019 Breksam Raouf Nabil

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