2018 Summer Conferences

Published Mon, Jun 25, 18. Written by .

Every year, our sponsored children and their siblings get the chance to attend summer conferences to teach them more about the Lord and help them to grow in fellowship with one another. The theme for this summer’s conference is “Speak to me”, which is about the open invitation from the Lord to every child to talk with Him in prayer.  The key verse is Luke 11:1, and the scripture memory challenge will be Psalm 86:1-15.  If you want to learn something alongside your sponsored child, join them in memorizing those same verses!
The goal of the conference is that each child would go home with a better understanding of prayer, and that they would put their knowledge into practice by constantly going to the Lord in prayer.  We want our children to make God a priority in their lives, and what better way than to teach them how to reach out to their Savior on their own.  Some of the sessions will talk about the relationship between God and Samuel, the importance of God’s Word, and prioritizing quiet times with the Lord. 
We have so many stories from years past about how the children look forward to the conferences each year, how so many lives and behaviors have changed, and how God is using the conferences to equip the children to bring their knowledge back to their family and villages.  With the incredibly important topic of prayer, we are excited to see how the Lord moves in the hearts of our children, their siblings, their families, and their communities.